Global University

Global University is a high quality educational institution established in 1992 to provide students with superior education and a chance at becoming leaders in today’s global market at a reasonable cost. The University is officially recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education (Presidential Decree 2067 / 99).

AdmissionsShaping History, Shaping Tomorrow

Global University is an accredited NGO higher education institution, established in 1992. In 1999, a presidential decree was signed by the Lebanese President and the Prime Minister with backward effect & recognition of all students enrolled since 1992. Global University comprises three faculties:
• Faculty of Administrative Sciences
• Faculty of Health Sciences
• Faculty of Literature and Humanities

Global University

Global University complies with the Lebanese Ministry of Education-&-Higher-Education rules and regulations. Global University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees & all are authenticated & accredited by the Directorate of Higher Education in Lebanon.
The university is a member of the International Association of Universities, member of the Association of Arab Universities and member of the Lebanese Universities’ League.

With an extensive worldwide network and some of the best academic and research opportunities in the country, Global University is where the world’s next generation of global leaders come to grow.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Global University offers a broad spectrum of academic fields to study within in its undergraduate faculties. The admissions process for those interested in undergraduate programs offered in Global University can be viewed at the link above.

Graduate Programs

Other Programs

  • The Teaching Diploma is geared towards providing students with practical knowledge and training to help them become professional elementary, intermediate, and secondary school teachers in various specializations: literature, math, science and social fields.

  • Cisco Networking Academy is an IT skills and career building program for learning institutions and individuals worldwide. Self-paced courses are designed to take at your own pace, at any point in your career journey. More than 6 million people have joined the Networking Academy and become a force for change in the global economy since 1997 As the world changes all around us, acquiring technical skills is what brings opportunity and the promise of education is what offers hope. Who will teach and nurture these world changers of tomorrow, these global problem solvers? We will. Together with our education, instructor, training and employment partners we’ve made a commitment to developing the workforce of the future. Join us as we change the world – one student at a time.
    Cisco Networking Academy at 20 years
    Since 1997, Cisco Networking Academy has been working toward a single goal: fostering the technical and entrepreneurial skills that people, educators, and companies need to change the world for the better. An incredible opportunity sits in front of you. Technology is changing the world by connecting billions of devices and improving how we live, work, play and treat our planet. No industry is immune. Are you ready to be one of the men and women who will use technology to make the world a better place?

  • As English is the language of instruction at Global University, the English Department provides two solutions for enhancing communication skills. The Intensive English Program is meant to enable students coming from French background or students who are generally weaker in English to develop excellent language skills. The English Extension Program caters for working persons who wish to enroll in one of our executive programs, or need to enhance oral, listening and writing skills. Instead of an English entrance exam, an electronic placement test aims at isolating weaknesses in order to select the appropriate level within our English remedial system. Both programs provide an essential preparatory step for academic studies without compromising quality.

  • The Arabic Language Program offered by Global University is intended chiefly for foreign students (non-native speakers of Arabic). In addition to Arabic language courses, the program includes a range of subjects in Arabic studies.

  • Global University is offering free intensive English courses for Grade 12 students, every year in July.

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