Student LifeIndependent, Free, and Open-Minded

Get involved in Global University community! With extracurricular clubs and activities that cater to every imaginable interest, you are bound to find your niche here. The university can connect you to the community and help you succeed academically with a host of services to apply for scholarships, find student housing, and launch your career after you graduate.


Independence and Self-Respect

“Whosoever perfectly realizes the principle of Independence, both of Mind and Body, and, paying due respect to his own person, preserves his dignity unblemished―him we call a man of independence and self-respect”

Student Services
Make the Most of Your Life at Global University

Maximum Scholarship amount is 80% of the tuition fees of his/her courses. Scholarship is calculated based on the Semester Average > 80 and Cumulative Average > 75 for Student who had completed at least 15 credits of which 12 are counted, in a Fall semester and at least 15 credits of which 12 are counted, in a Spring semester.


Advisors help students to:
– Assess their values, interests, abilities and skills and relate these to opportunities for employment, further study and training.
– Make informed decisions, develop strategies and career plans.
– Present themselves effectively at interviews and cope with the transition from higher education to employment.
– Improve their resume and cover letter.

Entrance Day

Welcoming New Students

Your university life begins now. New students attend, filling GU halls with energy and excitement.

Welcome Event for New Students

There are plenty of events targeted at new students held between October and December. We hope they help you get used to life on campus.

Fall GU Basketball Games

Spring GU Basketball Games

The GU Basketball Games are a tradition that first began in October. The games take place every year in spring and fall with faculty, staff, and students alike coming together to cheer on the university team.

Mawlid Celebration

Mawlid Celebration

The Mawlid Celebration is a big part of the experience at Global University, where you can interact with local people and enjoy the spectacular concert show.


Fall and Spring Break

Make use of your extra time. Take part in short-term faculty-specific programs or language courses, or spend time conducting research in the field.


WorkShops & Seminars

WorkShops & Seminars are full of content that captures the spirit of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Students and visitors alike can experience the joys of science and go on tours of the laboratories on campus.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival

Fall Festival is held at the unique and forward-thinking xxx in the Fall. The scenery that surrounds xxx is absolutely stunning at this time of year.

Training Lectures

Training Lectures

Training Lectures is powered by the energy of the Faculty of Health Sciences students. Last year, prospective students were invited to talk with current students and go on campus tours.

  • Health Campaign

Health Campaign

Health Campaign is organized by students of the School of Health Faculty of Nursing and Physical Therapy. Global University Campus truly comes to life during this campaign.


Trips and Tournaments

Trips and Tournaments are punctuated with well-planned academic events and entertainment. It gives students—through their seminar classes, student associations, clubs, and otherwise—an opportunity to showcase their talents while food stalls and on-stage performances contribute to the wide-ranging appeal of the event.

Open Door

Open Door Event

We are delighted to invite all grade 12 students to our Open Door event. Interesting activities and tasty food awaiting you. Be ready, save the date and come with your friends!



Commencement brings your studies at Global University to a close. Many graduates can be seen around campus taking pictures in their traditional costume to commemorate this special day.