President’s letter

Dear Students,
I am honored to be serving as the President of Global University. The time since my confirmation has proven to be both busy and enlightening. One thing remains abundantly clear- Global University is poised for greatness.

Throughout the past years, Global University has been developing, improving, and meeting the needs of our diverse and dynamic region, and many parts of the globe. Today, Global University is intimately connected to the global community and increasingly recognized by our peers as a leading comprehensive university.
That achievement belongs to the remarkable faculty, students, and professional staff, who define Global University as an academic community—and define what we will become. Our strengths are built on the quality of the people who collaborate on learning. These talented individuals come to Global University because of their love of teaching, learning, research, and innovative work.

As the president, I marvel at the exciting opportunity that we have to empower young lives, develop meaningful relationships, and ultimately build the future of our beloved university.
As we begin to take the next bold step toward greatness, I firmly believe that collectively our commitment and loyalty to our community will serve as a strong foundation and guiding light for the successes that lie ahead. And today it is our time to continue writing our university’s history and defining our university’s legacy.
Warmest regards,
Dr. Adnan Traboulsi
President, Global Universit

Global University President

The President of Global University is a member of the Lebanese Parliament since 2018.
he was also elected a member in Lebanese Parliament in 1992.