Vestibular Rehabilitation

Get the skills and evidence based-knowledge to adeptly assess and manage vertigo and balance disorders

About the Workshop

This workshop adresses the rehabilitation of the vestibular system – an essential scope of practice in the Physical therapy domain – Upon completion of the workshop the attendee will have acquired the skills to assess vertigo and balance, enabling precise differentiation between peripheral and central vestibular pathologies. Attendees will leave empowered with a diverse repertoire of treatment strategies, poised to address a spectrum of vestibular disorders, ultimately enhancing their ability to provide specialized care and support for patients with vestibular disorders.

Workshop Details

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Saturday 4/11

9 AM - 2 PM


Key Learnings

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Review the vestibular system anatomy and physiology
  • Assess vertigo and balance
  • Differentiate between peripheral and central vestibular pathologies
  • Plan and apply different treatment strategies to address vestibular disorders


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Dr. Youssef Ibrahim Koaik

Vestibular Rehabilitation therapist (certified instructor in VRT from the American Institute of Balance/ Clearwater Florida/USA)

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This workshop is designed by the Physical Department at Global University in cooperation with Sahel General Hospital.


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